Successful development of color nano pigment ink f

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Successful development of color nano pigment ink for textile ink-jet printing

color for textile ink-jet printing the park continues to improve the infrastructure. The development of nano pigment ink is successful

November 28, 2005

the research group led by Professor Fang kuanjun, a young scientist at Jiangnan University, has successfully developed a color nano pigment ink for textile ink-jet printing after more than four years of painstaking research, and has been put into mass production. Relevant experts believe in the appraisal report of this subject a few days ago that this achievement fills the domestic gap, the overall level has reached the international advanced level, and the fixation technology of pigment ink on fiber has reached the international leading level

it is reported that digital ink-jet printing technology for textiles is a new printing technology integrating high technologies such as information, computer image processing and new materials. It is an extension of office ink-jet printing technology in the field of textiles. This technology is different from the traditional textile printing technology. It does not need plate making, has the same printing fineness as photos, and covers a small area without environmental pollution. It can realize the production of single piece printed clothing and meet the personalized needs of consumers. Due to these unique advantages of digital ink-jet printing technology, it is internationally known as one of the key technologies to realize the technological revolution in the textile industry in the 21st century, and has been highly concerned by DuPont, BASF, Ciba and other large companies

ink is the main consumable of digital ink-jet printing technology. At present, the dye ink used has shortcomings such as environmental pollution and complex process, which has become the main obstacle to the promotion of digital ink-jet printing technology. The research group led by Professor Fang kuanjun, with the support of the national "863" program and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, has successfully developed a nano pigment ink for inkjet printing with high stability, no blockage of the nozzle, bright color, excellent printing performance and nano particle size through long-term systematic research on the aqueous nano pigment dispersion system. Textile ink-jet printing ink is different from office ink-jet printing ink. The former needs to solve the problem of color fastness of pigments on fibers, so that the printed pattern can stand washing and friction. Therefore, the fixation of pigment ink has become a major technical problem for the development of inkjet printing technology. At present, this technical problem has been successfully solved by the research group led by Professor Fang. The nano pigment ink developed by them is not only suitable for different types of inkjet printers, but also can print cotton, silk, polyester and other fiber fabrics. The printed patterns achieve the photographic effect, and the fabric feels soft and has excellent color fastness

China is the largest textile exporter in the world, and textile production and trade play an important role in China's national economy. The successful development of nano pigment ink for textile printing has greatly increased the added value of textile products, simplified the production process, low energy consumption, no wastewater discharge, and truly realized the cleaner production of textiles. It has important practical significance and broad application prospects of new materials for improving the technical level of the textile industry, enhancing the competitiveness of China's textiles in the international market, and reducing international trade friction

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